Apple IPod History Videos

Let me introduce videos from all generations IPod presentations:

The 3G iPod Nano Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces the all new iPod® Nano - new design of the most popular music player.

Apple Music Event 2007

It’s full metal, extremely thin and really tiny. It comes in 5 beautiful colors: silver, black, blue, green and red. Gorgeous display of new iPod® Nano is perfect for watching video. And of course games – Vortex and Klondike just for free, Sudoku and Tetris are available from the iTunes Store. Another new feature is Cover Flow. Using the Click Wheel you can scroll through all your music, photo and video collection.

4Gb or 8Gb of pleasure is presented by Steve Jobs on this video.

SAN FRANCISCO—September 5, 2007

The iPod Touch Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces one of the 7 wonders of the world - the new iPod® touch.

Part 1

Part 2

Apple Music Event 2007

iPod® touch is thinner then iPhone™ . Due to multi-touch interface any user can enjoy photos, videos and music with just the touch of a finger.

The iPod touch includes Wi-Fi wireless networking and three amazing applications that use it—Safari™, features Google Search or Yahoo! oneSearch; Apple’s YouTube application and the new iTunes® Wi-Fi Music Store. Rotate photos when rotating your iPod® touch, flick through them, pinch them to make them larger or smaller.

Watch this video to find out what Steve Jobs is telling about all features of iPod® touch.


The 2G iPod Shuffle Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces the smallest player - the 2G iPod Shuffle.

Apple Showtime Event 2006

Steve Jobs: “ It’s smaller and lighter than a pack of gum”. User can easily select weather to shuffle music or listen in order that is perfect for new albums. iPod Shuffle also can be used as a portable USB flash drive to exchange files between computers. A lot of accessories are available: lanyard, armband and sport case (that are perfect for athletic and outdoor activities), optional dock and USB power adapter.

Watch this video to learn more about iPod shuffle - the newest member of Apple’s wildly popular iPod family for both Mac and PC.

SAN FRANCISCO—September 7, 2005—Apple® today introduced the iPod® nano

The iPod Nano Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces iPod nano

Apple Music Special Event 2005

The iPod nano main features are an ultra-portable, lightweight design with a gorgeous color screen and of course Click Wheel. iPod nano allows users to display album art while playing music, view photo slideshows or play games in full color.

It’s the most fashionable and wearable iPod ever. An optional set of iPod nano Tubes in pink, purple, blue, green are available for customers. Optional armbands available in gray, pink, blue, red and green allow users to wear their iPod nano as the ultimate fashion and sports accessory.

Watch this video to find more about “the biggest revolution since the original iPod” (Steve Jobs).

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO—January 6, 2004—Apple® today introduced iPod™ mini

The iPod Mini Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces iPod™ mini

Macworld San Francisco 2004

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introduces iPod™ mini
iPod mini is the perfect combination of ultra-portable design, storage capacity, ease-of-use and audio performance. iPod mini is the ultimate fashion statement with a choice of five stylish colors—silver, gold, pink, blue or green—the hallmark white headphones and a new belt clip. New Click Wheel that combines the ease and simplicity of a touch wheel with the precision of mechanical buttons for precise, one-handed navigation.

Watch this video to learn more about the iPod that “has revolutionized the way people listen to music” (Steve Jobs).

The First Ever iPod Introduction

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, introduces the very first iPod™ at a low key event in 2001.

Apple Music Event 2001

Music is great part of everyone's life, but we have no leader. iPod is the player that will become the leader on the market of players – that's what Steve Jobs promised.
Mp3 music player with CD quality and absolutely fantastic Apple design. Due to iPod you can take whole music library with you just in the pocket.
Main features of iPod: it has fire wire, it's ultra portable, and of course, the most remarkable thing, is Apple design.

Watch this video to learn more about iPod and its comparison with CD, flash, mp3 and hard drive players.